Trade  relationship between Nigeria and Brazil dates back to 18th century.  Nigeria and Brazil enjoy warm cultural  and trade relationship.  Many Afro-Brazilians trace their roots to Nigeria.

Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa. Both countries are  key players in the economies of their regions. Brazil is a leading political and economic power in Latin America.  Nigeria is equally the leading political and economic power in West Africa.

Nigeria is the second largest trade partner of Brazil in Sub-Saharan Africa and 11th in the world.  Brazil is the third  largest importer of Nigerian crude oil after USA and India.  Nigeria balance of trade with Brazil is very favourable.

BRAZIL’S  KEY  INDUSTRIES:  Key industries are textiles, shoes, chemicals, cement, agriculture, motor vehicles  and parts, other machineries and equipment.  Major export products  include aircraft, coffee, vehicles, soybean,  sugar, rice, orange juice, iron ore, steel, textiles, footwear,  electrical equipment, etc.

Brazil’s current account surpluses had continued to hit record levels, indicating that exports were growing strongly.   Its income per head is now twelve times that of India and China.  Nigeria has a great deal to learn and tap from Brazilian experience.  So come on board, let’s take advantage.


In December 2007, a group of young and dynamic businessmen  and technocrats, motivated by the need to revive and foster the hitherto flourishing and booming business activities between Nigeria and Brazil, consulted and held meetings with then Brazilian Consul-General in Lagos, Ms. Maria A. Figueiredo.  The Consul-General was very enthusiastic and receptive of the idea and proposal and gave her approval and support.  Consequently, the Chamber was incorporated in September 2009, with the following principal objectives:

  • To encourage and promote Nigeria-Brazil’s private and public sectors bilateral business, industrial and cultural relationships, by providing a network of national and international business contacts and investment opportunities;
  • To promote, and develop all matters affecting those involved in the ventures;
  • To encourage an orderly development and expansion of all segments of the business relationship between both countries, and
  • To advise the governments of both countries on bilateral trade relations issues, etc.


Members  have access and benefits derivable from activities organized by  the Chamber such as:

  • Receptions for business visitors from Brazil, thereby providing opportunities for interaction and networking.
  • Linking up Brazilian companies sourcing for business partners in Nigeria and/or the products/ services  they want to sell to Nigerians.
  • Invitation to the Chamber’s quarterly business breakfast meetings where cross-fertilization of ideas and networking is encouraged.
  • Invitation to members to attend different  Brazilian Trade Fairs
  • Representing members’ interests to all relevant government’s authorities
  • Organizing trade missions to and from Brazil.
  • Organizing conferences and seminars  on issues  concerning business activities.
  • Publishing and circulating to members our Quarterly Newsletters on trade and business.
  • Providing translation  services to members.

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